Some perfume reviews

I wrote these (for free, of course, lolsob) on the Fragrantica website, but recent experience with links going dead (like most of my archives, sadly) has taught me that I should not count on these digital signifiers as permanent in any way. So, being the tech savant (savante?) that I am, I screenshotted a bunch of the reviews. I suppose I could have, and indeed should have, chosen a more elegant way to reproduce this information, but insofar as I am an amateur odor describer, so am I an amateur blogger. In sum this will have to do, until I move on to more important tasks, which are suddenly legion.

I’m just going to add these as I feel like it.

Here are a pair of capsule reviews for Felce Azzurra Paglieri, from a small bottle of perfume that my husband found in a closet on the third floor, and Clinique Happy, which smells like 1997 and does indeed make me feel kind of happy, because I enjoyed the only fin de siècle that I am likely ever to experience firsthand.

And here are two reviews of my beloved L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, which I wear as a close second to my very favorite and most cherished scent, which I will post about forthwith:

OK, I searched high and low for my review of Misia by Chanel, my most cherished scent of all time, and I could not find it, which probably means I never bothered to write one. Instead I kept writing about perfumes I liked less, which I suppose I considered less high stakes somehow. But it’s not like I have sponsorships in jeopardy or anything, so I’m not sure why. I did manage to describe it somewhat in a batch of notes for Ravel’s La Valse (which contains a musical cipher for Misia, the same Misia for whom the perfume was named), but that hasn’t been published yet (and may well end up cut by a pragmatic editor) so I will have to let you wonder for the nonce.

In the meantime, here is a review of Elizabeth Taylor’s Gardenia scent, available at a drugstore or discount outlet near you!

Two reviews of an Arpège fragrance by Lanvin that a sweet friend sent me. Her mom loved it, but it wasn’t right for my friend. I don’t wear it often, but I like having it around; it makes me feel fancy but keeps me from getting nose blind to my special-occasion scents, Misia and L’Heure Bleue.

…and it seems that I cut that off and didn’t finish the thought, but it was something like “because it made me so loquacious.”

I have a bunch more, but I need to get back to my actual work for now. Perhaps I will post them later.