I am a self-employed writer and editor who lives in the city of St. Louis.

I hate writing but love having written. At least for the first half-hour or so afterward, and then I hate it again.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I have always loved the “difficult” music of Bartok and feel a deeper appreciation and understanding of it thanks to your engaging words. You are a concise writer of exploration and insight. You make the language sing and the music even more meaningful to those of us who already love it…and you!


  2. Oof. I somehow landed on your obituary of Vic Chesnutt, and it’s the remembrance I missed at the time. I must have been busy when he died; I knew he was gone but it somehow slipped past me, and I had loved his music. Thanks for writing that and also I hope you’re well, I haven’t seen you in many years. Bravo to your About page, I also enjoy having written but hate doing it, so much so that I have mostly avoided it in my career.

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    • Thanks so much for reading, Jay. It’s very nice to hear from you.

      I just happened to see this message when I finally updated my blog, for the first time in several months.

      I have been busy writing, but I have been very bad about updating my blog. What have you been up to, besides mostly not writing?


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed your notes for the 18 Feb DSO performances. Your phrasing enlightens, entertains, and entices. Thank you for sharing your talent RSS.


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