Some updates

Today I added several links to the Links to Published Writing page, gussied up various pages with some new uploaded photos, and created a new catch-all page for unpublished writing. It’s called Odd Unpublished Things and contains, of all things, odd unpublished things: from a spate of fever-fueled DVD reviews to the last poem I ever finished, when I was an undergraduate in college.

This blogging bidness is a laborious task for a compulsive person with terrible completist tendencies tempered with paralyzing self-doubt, but I guess I can’t make a decent blog in one day, even if I do keep teenage vampire hours.

I will strive to be more interesting in the future. Thank you for reading, all three of you.

6 thoughts on “Some updates

    • Thank you, Annie. Believe me when I tell you that I spent a good five minutes, at least, trying to figure out how to “approve” your post, something I had no idea I would need to do or even be notified about, and then it took me at least five minutes more to figure out how to reply to you.

      I spent a hilarious amount of time today trying to figure out the intricacies of WordPress, this free blogging platform (supposedly idiot-proof!) that I chose solely on the recommendation of some Internet guy who tells writers what they should be doing to SUCCEED). I had no idea who the guy was, and I have already forgotten his name, so I’m not sure I should be following his advice. Too late now, I guess. All this is your fault, forgotten Internet Aspiring-Writer Pep-Talker! You’re probably a tragically underpaid Chennai tech-serf anyway. Or just another regular mediocre North American schmo willing to write blog articles for at most 50 cents a pop. Or, in my case, totally for free.

      I already know what is wrong with this blog: It’s not organized very well and should have more distinct categories (or any categories–I haven’t exactly figured out what “category” means in WordPressese, or what a “widget” is exactly, and the spacing and fonts look bad to me, even to me, someone who is definitely not a designer with art-trained eyes. But these flaws will probably persist for weeks, maybe permanently, because I have mysteriously refused to look into it, aside from watching a couple of videos and reading a couple of basic instructions.

      A friend whose blog (also on WordPress) is a thing of beauty offered to give me a personal tutorial, but this seems like an offer she will bitterly regret once she finds out that I don’t have a laptop and can’t just meet her in a coffeehouse or bar like any other twenty-first-century person. All my computering is done in my office, using a desk that used to belong to an ex-boyfriend (obviously, before I married Xian and moved here). Anyway, ex-boyfriend left the desk when he moved out (in 1994? Could that be right? Maybe 1993?) because it was too heavy. Maybe his parents’ house didn’t have room for it, and he had no idea where he would be living once he started grad school in California.

      Who cares. It’s mine now. He’s not getting it back, Mr. Fancy Capitalist Wall Street Enemy of the Proletariat. I’m sure this must bum him out hard, since I seem to remember that he paid $75 for it, which seemed princely to me at the time and is probably the reason I’m still using it, despite the fact that it was not designed to be used with a computer. But it is huge and not as hideous as cheap new office furniture, even though I am not so fond of the faux-Colonial (Phony Colonny, Xian calls it) look. It has many capacious drawers, which is why I use it, ergonomics be damned. At this point all the drawers are stuffed, so it would take me years to excavate them and reorganize their contents.

      I also don’t know how to make a blogroll or even a column where you can see other blogs I like or “follow” (something else I don’t really understand). Having a blogroll is, I think, just baseline etiquette in what probably exactly no one calls the blogosphere anymore. Except I just did.


  1. I do not think our mutual friend JP-S has her early blog posts still online (I tried to search for a particular one regarding her troubled times with escolar and it was vanished from the web) but I can guarantee you that they were uncertain and fragmented, and only found direction over time. (This is also what I tell myself over and over when I fail to make a blog myself, but perhaps it will sound more reassuring to you now that you have actually started one.)

    As far as monetizarianization, blogs plus twitter plus youtube establish a social multimedia presence, upon which one can build…something. The gimmick seems to be to give it away for free, build a following, then repackage it in a format where people who like you might pay money for it anyway. There are probably other gimmicks and you should keep an eye out.

    But above all keep writing dammit (and by dammit I mean no pressure, do what you want).


    • Thanks, Mark. I don’t really care about the monetizarianization (a hilarious word–I know it is wrong, as I know you know it is wrong also, but that makes it much, much better because it draws attention the hideousness of the real world, which should never be said without at least a smirk or scare quotes.

      I mostly did it as a place to archive my published freelance pieces, thinking it might be handier to point potential editor contacts to a website instead of suggesting that they google me and see what comes up. But then I decided that I might as well write some new stuff that I feel like writing and no damn well that nobody anywhere would pay for.

      I don’t think I’ll ever do Twitter, though. As you can see, I’m not very pithy.


    • Thanks, Dean! It’s still very much a work in progress. I started it on Sunday, after all. I need to reorganize the Published Works page better because right now it’s just a daunting list of links. Maybe I’ll create a “greatest hits” category or something. Ha.


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