Today’s soundtrack

The perfect soundtrack/antidote to a dreary, chilly day spent inside copy editing.Image

I imagine that it would be a wonderful soundtrack for other purposes, too, but  that’s its purpose today, chez René.

I know I haven’t been updating the blog in a few days. Real life intrudes obnoxiously sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Today’s soundtrack

  1. Denk on Ligeti: “In case you don’t know, three Fs is the loudest dynamic you would ‘normally’ come across. Ligeti writes eight, which translates to a wonderfully silly Italian sussuration: Fortissississississississimo… How to interpret eight fortes? I think maybe I should hurl my whole body at the piano as violently as possible and hope for the best… How would eight be different from seven? Both must be so searingly loud as to be painful, a distinction between degrees of agony: If seven fortes is like being disemboweled by a wolf, then eight is like being disemboweled by a bear.”


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